Tracking Coronado

I’m still thinking a lot about Coronado’s route through southern Arizona. The narratives are so vague, it hard to say for sure where they went. For example Coronado talks about spending two days resting at Chichilticalli and right after that mentions the San Juan River as if the two were nearby, however Jaramillo tells us a great deal more about the country between including the deep and reedy river, crossing some mountains and two days of travel. I just wish somebody had given directions good enough to be followed, they all wrote as though no one would ever follow their trail again.

The other thing that bothers me is why they left so little evidence of their passage. No artifacts or inscriptions anywhere in south-east Arizona to indicate their route, it really doesn’t make sense that so large a force can march across so great a distance and leave so little evidence.

This weekend I will be working the route over with topographic maps forwards and backwards from known points. Known points include Hawikku, Rio San Juan (Gila), and seeing how these fit with distances traveled and unknown features such as Rio Nexpa, Chichilticalli Pass, the deep and reedy river etc.

I’ll report my findings here on Monday.


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